Hafa Adai Parents and Guardians,

John F. Kennedy Daily Bell Schedule will have four (4) minutes added daily to the total instructional time to make up for minutes lost due to Typhoon Wutip.  This decision was made by the Joint Board Union Calendar Committee and approved by the Superintendent.  The revised bell schedule was chosen by the faculty who decided to remove 4 minutes from homeroom and add on to the class periods. Instead of 105 minutes, the adjustments are shown below. The schedule will be in effect from March 26, 2019 to May 24, 2019.  –   JFKHS Administration Team

Revised Daily Bell Schedule




6:45 AM


10 min

6:55 AM -8:42 AM

1st BLOCK (107 min)


8:42 AM -8:48 AM

Homeroom  (6 min)


8:48 AM -9:03 AM

BREAK  (15 min)

   5 min

9:08 AM -10:54 AM

2nd BLOCK  (106 min)


10:54 AM -11:54 AM

LUNCH (60 min)

   5 min

11:59 AM -1:45 PM

3rd BLOCK (106 min)


1:45 PM




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